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Written by Nu Van Nguyen   
Friday, 13 January 2012 19:37

We have learned that the UNESCO General Assembly recently [8/1989] reached a decision promoting the commemoration of Ho Chi Minh’s centennial birthday in May 1990.



We, the Vietnamese Refugees strongly protest. Our objections are based on known facts below:
Our country Vietnam lies in a S-shaped land along the rim of the Pacific Ocean. Its people, the Vietnamese have a long history of more than 4,000 years of civilization.
In general, we worship our ancestors. We believe in God, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed etc... In addition, our culture follows the teachings of wise men such as Lao Tzu, Confucius, Socrates, Voltaire, Montesquieu, J.J. Rousseau, Ton Dat Tien, Luong Khai Sieu and others... We carry on our beliefs in God of Nature: Earth, Wind, Fire etc...
We are always pious toward our parents and grandparents. We adore and care for them while they are living and we continue to do so even after their deaths.
The Vietnamese people have always been loyal for their nation. They have dared their lives to defend nation and people from foreign invasion. They defeated the Chinese invasions from the north several times, and have put down the French colonialism from the west. They take pride in their victories.
In their loyalties, they sacrificed their lives for their nation and people. On account of their piety, family ties were kept stable and firm. People helped and loved one another. Their ethical traditions allowed the societry to live in peace. Progress in education and health was the norm. Abandonment, starvation and famine were not known.
Of course, conflicts and injustices arose at times, as they will in any societies. When they did, they were brought to court and judged fairly by a judicial system under the guilines of a social customs, jurisprudence and of a National Constitution. Nobody was tried without their constitutional rights to have a lawyer in their defense. Under the Constitution, all Vietnamese were guaranteed freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of choice. Furthermore, the people were free to move about the country, free to communicate openly with their countrymen and free to conduct their business without state interference. Everyone enjoyed the voting privilege and elections were free.
In general, because of their cleverness and hard- working, the Vietnamese were able to provide enough food, clothing and shelter for themselves to live comfortably. When they got sick, they were treated adequately with all the way the doctors could do. The fruits of their labor were only limited by their abilities; their ambitions were not suppressed. They endured and many prospered. None lamented their fate. They wanted only peace and independence, not war and slavery....
...Unfortunately for this peace-loving people, on April 30, 1975, their nation fell under control of the Vietnamese Communist Party (VCP) of the North, an element of Comintern. The reason for the fall was the withdrawal of support from the Free World. The South Vietnamese were left like boxers with their hands totally tied stepping onto the ring to face the final rounds alone after the supporters in their corner had fled the arena.
In the aftermath of what followed millions of government officials of the former regime, and countless thousands of others were forced into re-education camps. Still others were chased to the so-called “New Economic Zone”. Some were killed secretly because they were considered “blooded-debt” people in war.... Everything had changed.
Today, under the communist control guided by the former so-caled “Under Ho”, everything that was once sufficient is now lacking. No longer are the Vietnamese able to acquire adequate food, medicine, clothing or shelter.
Things once unknown under the Republic of Vietnam – abandonment, starvation, famine – are now all too common everywhere. The constitutional rights once guaranteed to everyone have been erased. The Vietnamese people no longer enjoy the freedoms of speech, religion and choice. They are no longer able to move freely about their country. Business can no longer operate free of interference by the so-called state-run authority. Rather, there are human rights abuses and interference in every aspect of daily life by the Vietnamese Communist Authorities.
The people work extremely hard, but no food is to fill their stomach. Today in Vietnam there is a scarcity of all materials and gas. The production systems are deadly lying in waste. There is no machinery and no energy to drive machines if there were any. All machines have no accessories and parts replacement. There are no fertilizers needed for agricultural production. Peasants and farmers left their land uncultivated, because all land was declared under state ownership. Lands are not positively cultivated enough to grow food, because the Communist Government impose many kinds of high-rate taxes on the crop. Farmers have nothing to rest after farming for their daily life. There is no grain to fatten cattle or poultry – not even enough to nourish humans.
Despite all of these obstacles and unwillingness, the Vietnamese people still do their best desperately to provide for their daily lives. They must provide on such a day-to-day basis because sky-rocketing inflation prevents any safeguarding for the future. Since 1975 after the fall of South Vietnam the inflation rate had risen to as much as 3,000% to 5,000%. In a night, a family’s lifetime accumulation can be reduced to nothing by a communist governmental decision to devalue the currency (at least 6 times money to be changed since April 1975).
In this way the people are robbed of their riches by the communist authorities. This is not to mention all the houses, land and personal belongings that have been confiscated, because the communist authorities named them the haves not the have-nots.
The communist government would like to deny their robbery and exploitation of the Vietnamese people. Its rhetoric is along the lines of an Orwellian-like concept of doublespeak. The authorities talk about “independence”, but are strongly dependent on the Soviet Union. They talk about “liberty”, but the Vietnamese people have no freedom. They talk about the nation’s “welfare”, but the people are starved, ragged and paralyzed. Under the current conditions, future generations will be disabled by poor nutrition and ignorant because of a lack of education.
A poorly-nourished, starving population is a weak population, all the easier for the government to control and suppress. So, while communist partisans in Vietnam enjoy privileges reserved only for them, they show no attempt to reverse the hunger and poverty among the general population. Like a carrot dangling in front of a horse yet out of reach, they lure the people with with falsely empty promises and then imprison and kill them (secretly if necessary) for their ambition and “greed”.
Everything the communist authorities promise to their people and assure to the world is reality, is in fact contrary to the truth we see. The promise is quite empty. The Vietnamese people have not seen anything the authorities have vowed, but only hunger, diseases, ignorance, imprisonment and deaths. The communists not only lie but also rob people of their freedom, of their treasure and may even lead them to war, to violence, terrorism and murder.
Dear Members of UNESCO,
We ask you to pretend you were Vietnamese. What do you imagine your life would be like? Go to see the Vietnamese in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam today. Stand in their shoes, please. Look through their eyes. Get a feeling for their actually worst condition, for their inevitable situation. Why are there still many persistent flows of boat people and land people out of Communist Vietnam? Why do the Vietnamese people need to risk their lives for freedom? They would rather die on the high sea than live under the wildest regime of Communist Vietnam. Because you are not Vietnamese, because you are not in their actual situation you wish to commemorate the centennial birthday of Ho Chi Minh. You have mistaken to consider him as a saint to liberate our people from the slavery, a hero to bring peace, independence, liberty and welfare to our people, a leader to sacrifice himself for democracy, human rights, culture and liberal arts. The suffering Vietnamese do not consider Ho Chi Minh a human being! He is no more no less than a beast! He killed his fellow-countrymen by the millions through the so-called “Hostile Nationalist Parties”, with the so-called “Operation to Reform Agricultural Lands”, by detention in the so-called “Re-educationCamps”, and through secret killings without obvious reason in the “10 Thousand-Day Long War” . None of the Vietnamese people, except his communist party followers call Ho Chi Minh a leader. His communist party followers shamefully flatter him for their authority positions, but the common people in Vietnam only insult him.
At this moment, the movement of democracy in the East European countries is whirling. The Berlin wall is being pierced and falling. The East and West Germany will be reunified in Confederation. Poland is being led by a non-Communist government. Hungary is changed to the Republic. The Germany Democratic Republic chose a new liberal Premier. The Czecho-Slovaks have taken to the streets asking for democracy. The Communist bloc is being dismantled piece by piece. What are you thinking of, Members of UNESCO? Do you dare to go against the thinking, against the will of an entire era with your commemoration for a sinful and bloody communist like Ho Chi Minh.
For the reasons cited above, we Vietnamese, the undersigned, strongly demand that the UNESCO General Assembly’s decision to commemorate the centennial birthday of Ho Chi Minh be withdrawn.
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